Post Card from Newport

I was in search of two things on this lakeside afternoon.  The sun is bright and the breeze still has a Spring chill to it.  We declared it to be Taco Night as my son has a down day (no sports activities).  We watched a movie, the one with the man attacked by a bear surviving in the woods to avenge his son’s murder.  Like all mother’s I tried to cook, watch an Academy Award winning film while checking my phone and thinking about Lyn’s box of books for my blog after traveling the morning away through some mountains myself.

What one would I choose tonight as that is not usually how it goes, it just happens.  I give her all the credit she somehow leads me there.  It could have been the four-day stretch of flow we were in wearing off now that the fear of doing it has found validation which has led to a block of sorts.

My mind is going in many directions and ideas are flowing, but not appearing like they have been these past few days when we decided to take our relationship public.  It’s a social media leap and the feedback has been outstanding, more than I imagined, in a way I never, ever planned to be a part of.  The realm of social media.

My goal would be to write on a lake in the mountains and appear now and then to go on a book tour, just like the trapper in the movie.  Go big and then go home, (no guarantee there either way).  I have mentioned to you before; I am a salesperson at heart. From the time I began to talk, however like most of us who talk for a living it can be the last thing you want to do sometimes.  I guess it is strange in a way; I got to experience that as it was the last thing I could do for a while.

As we are watching this man survive a bear attack crawling for days to be then pushed off a cliff and have to start over again.  I realize tacos might not have been the best choice.  You sort of lose your appetite and it hits a little close to home when he can’t talk.  I look over at my son eating his taco, on his phone and feel content.  We are together the ideas can wait.  We have to see this movie through and neither of us want to do our homework.

The battle of revenge in the woods ends along with the tacos.  He has math and I am now in search of two books, the humanities one still in my car and The Lure of the Local (no clue where it is).  I begin the search and spy my Newport Mansions book which I adore.  It has returned a few times with me there.  It isn’t one of Lyn’s so why is it sticking in my mind.  I keep going and on my father’s desk I see a postcard from Newport.

I have not been at my father’s desk in my office, now my desk in months (October) with being sick and staying with my fiance at his home an hour away over two mountains (not on water, suburbia).  I have not wanted to tackle it yet.  The postcard was on top and I picked it up and looked on the back. A smile swept over my face, Another Aunt Christine hoarders move.  It was to my nephew to send to him at Johns Hopkins #GoHop his freshman year (2012).

“Headed to Newport to celebrate my successful thesis defense.  Today at Chateau-sur-Mer they showed us a painting of George Peabody who built many university libraries, including John Hopkins.  We saw rooms and furniture by Fellini, Google it!  Love you. Miss you.  So proud of you!”  Aunt Christine

A postcard never sent until now. I will publish it and Italy will receive it, as the country did my nephew. No postage required and just in time for his graduation.


2012 Trip to Newport, RI

Lyn led me right to it and as I went back to grab the Newport Mansions book there it was The Lure of the Local looking up at me.