Travel Logs

I take a book of Lyn’s with me where ever I go.

I’ve been writing a book for a while to my son and then Lyn came into our lives to accompany us on our adventures.  She is part of our travels and saw things that would transpire in my life to come that I never saw coming.

I started to want to be a writer and her books were there. She taught me what the humanities were – I had no clue.  She inspired me to write and record country music in Los Angeles.  I do not sing or play an instrument, but I did it with my son there to watch.  She had books on painting and I have it on my list to take a painting class with her by my side.  She had books about writing locally and led me to a great writer Roger Aden to discuss my idea of writing about her box of books.

So once again she has led me to jump out of my comfort place after dying myself for five full minutes this past year.  She died of heart failure which I have almost done now four times as well.  The book in progress from years ago is to my son and then Lynn came aboard and inspired me when I was ready to be a 9 to 5er to make my mother happy.  When her new husband (she got married in her seventies) of one year brought her death certificate and her box of books to our college bookstore handing them to me  changed the direction of my life once again.

I was taken by her story and shared with him my heart issues as well.  He said to take care of myself and I was at that time not knowing what a few years ahead would bring.  He meant what he said and I told him I would get back to him on what the books were worth.  I was told days later, nothing.

Nothing, a woman going back to school in her seventies, getting married again in her seventies wanting to study writing, painting and the humanities was worth nothing.  To me this box meant everything. I know it did to her as well with her handwritten notes that are in every book and her name written in cursive on each inside cover page.  I would not let them just be broken up and given to a wholesaler or thrown away.

I asked if I could have them and it took a few days and they were mine.  I put the box under my desk and every spare moment I had I read them.  It was like my birthday each time I went in the box and better each time I hit a paragraph that suited the day or thought I was having.

This woman I never met got me.  I saw myself as her in the future having been divorced, just recently  not engaged at the moment the box appeared.  I was working on my health walking three times a day on the two breaks and half hour lunch routine of my almost a year boring grownup job.  She wanted more in her seventies why was I settling for this in my forties when death had already come for me twice at that point.  “Ok, Lyn I hear you” and it’s time to take action, so I did.  I left the comfort zone and we started our traveling adventures again with Lyn by my side to encourage me when I started to question it.

The book is over three hundred pages and eighty thousand words it is time to be seen.  Once again Lyn saw more ahead of me.  I died for five minutes, did not see a light.  I talk too much and was thrown back over the fence.  Thanks Lyn


Dead Woman’s Box of Books

Thank you to Lyn for inspiring me to write and coming along for the ride