Where are you headed today?

Life is an S curve for all of us.  It is my overthinking mind that works each day to write stories that inspire us all to embrace the curves and enjoy the ride.  The best parts in life are getting to and from your destination.  I tell my students all the time…I am just a little further down the road.  My goal is to bring laughter and inspiration from my bumps to help others through their own.  Where are you headed today?  Please post a comment and let me know, thank you.IMG_4461.JPG

10 thoughts on “Where are you headed today?

  1. Today I am headed to get some beautiful flowers for planting in my flower garden! Along with the flowers I will get some grass seed to regenerate the lawn this spring into a green sprawling floor. Thank you for reminding me that everyday is a journey. Hugs!

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    • Bonnie,

      What a wonderful way to spend your Sunday, love putting my flowers pots together for spring. You reminded me to get that done soon, thank you.

      To a great week ahead!

      Thanks again for reading,



  2. Today I was headed to have my yearly mammogram, and I do it without hesitation having lost my dear Nana to breast cancer MANY years ago. After attending a wake yesterday for a friend who passed away after a difficult battle, (at only 49 years of age with Lung Cancer), I know life can throw you a damn hard curve-ball at any time. This was the second person I know of lately who passed from this who’d never smoked! So tomorrow I will head down a path towards hope and positivity as I attempt to appreciate life just a bit more in Lynne’s memory…

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    • Lisa,

      You and my mother, “Nan,” both went this week for your mammograms. I am so sorry that you have lost loved ones to cancer. My mom is a over decade survivor and I am proud of you for getting your mammogram.
      Yes, staying positive is the way to go and honoring those we’ve lost helps us to see the upside through our grief.
      Thank you for reading and sharing.
      Have a bless day,


  3. I am headed to tomorrow today….but enjoying the moment of today and now…..the simple things……but tomorrow/Saturday, i am totally engaging in the day!!!


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