Now What? Happily Ever After?

imageNow What?

Happily Ever After?

When your second wedding approaches, “The Wedding” as we refer to it around here. I was drawn to my desk and my keyboard for the first time in a month knowing that something had changed. It had been happening for weeks little signs, to bigger, thinking it is time for a social media break.

Why?  I asked myself once a busy morning slowed down. I found myself back in the laundry room doing yoga. I realized I was in a quiet calm place with items from our old house and our moving boxes all around me. It was the same industrial space where we had a NYC apartment laundry date the night before.  I tend to name our dates.

As I stood there breathing in and lifting my arms in a yoga exercise it hit me, if I can’t find a reason to keep going on the social media and I am not feeling an editor rewrite of my manuscript. Why am I doing it. My life, our lives have evolved over four years. I for the first time, in a very long time, want to write about what happens next and in the future rather than visiting the past. Amen, right?

Wedding jitters are to be thanked for this breakthrough and my husband, whoa that is a word.

Weeks to go and today I decided to wear my wedding heels. I need the practice. They are high, but they are ones you can run in. This should not be necessary on our wedding day, it is just a phrase I say about a pair of heels I personally can run in. They have a zipper up the back of the molded heel with a tulle strap firmly holding my ankle, almost four inches high, in place again a runnable shoe.

A box arrived today from a blog post I am working on. I was excited to get a box on a pick up/drop off, summer run over the mountains kind of day. I thought I might have time this afternoon and I did. I sat on our cute, small, redone with what we had and a coat of paint porch.

I opened the box to find my stylist pick for this arrival and immediately feel in love. It got better each piece. I sat wearing my first pick.  A sleeveless white with navy blue top with a necklace that is working and I saw it. This forest green just perfect sleeveless Grecian dress, just what I was looking for to wear as we exit the reception on to our honeymoon.

I still have more to try on, but this box is a winner. I added my wedding heels and wedding earrings to my ensemble and starting putting dishes away. My decision to start a new book, maybe even a fiction one at the same time as my ongoing memoir, humor shtick.

I think that is part of what I am feeling. I am in the place I want to be and even with changes ahead we will deal with them as a husband and wife. There I said it. My goal these weeks ahead is to put the effort into making it a special day for all of us. Having my travel outfit planned is a huge relief, thank you Dia Box for helping me on our big day. It is nice to have stylist team I can count on. That is not something I imagined being able to say as a writer, or maybe I did? It came true, now what, happily ever after?

This next year will be about writing two new books and my break from social media for one years time.  When my cousin passed a few years back I took the next year in his honor to obtain my Masters in one year.  I plan to unplug and write while enjoying newlyweddom.

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Thank you all for your support and reading patience with my Christine’ism writing.

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