Fair Trade


70 lbs. reduction with one dress.

Yes, you can attempt to reduce the amount of clothing discarded in landfills annually by purchasing one dress.

Sustainable clothing choices impact not only our environment but empower the women who make them and educating those who purchase them.

Instagram led me to one sustainable brand imparticular as I prepared to kick off my travel season Kameleon Rose by Founder and CEO Leila Rose.

We found each other organically through my nightly scrolling and as usual looking for a travel dress with my Blogaversary Tour about to land on Sanibel Island.

I liked them and they liked me, as all Instagram affection begins.  They were gearing up to launch their new design “The Ultimate Travel Dress,” made in and by women of Madagascar with sustainable materials.  It was love at first sight and I just wanted to know more.

If it’s about empowering women entrepreneurs I am all in, yet it goes beyond that.  I need to pack light and I am a larger than life size woman at the moment.  This always creates a wardrobe challenge.  I preordered the XL and prayed it would fit.

They are headquartered in the UK and when my tiny airmail package arrived I was impressed with the compact size, smaller than my iPad Mini.  “Wow, that is a travel packing win,” I thought.  I opened it and  I noticed the super cute elastic band that holds it in its tiny roll.  I unraveled it with precision taking it all in as it came to life, blue in color and a design marvel.

I stood it up and examined it.  The discreet zippered pocket is perfection.  My past European summer travel included walking, buses, and trains.  A discreet pocket is a must.  I slipped it on and began to twirl as the skirt is fantastic and the buttons are perfectly hidden along the bottom seam when you wear it as a tube style sleeveless top or a long skirt.

The noncreasing material keeps the top in place with no straps and no slippage with a flattering waist and swing skirt.  It only took a minute to then take it off turn it the other way and now it is a pencil skirt with a cowl neck as one option with heels or a few buttons later a blousy top.  Both flattering and comfortable.

I found myself doing this stylish flip at the beach and by the pool daily when the sun went down and it was time to head to dinner.  It felt great to know I had quick drying wardrobe options at my fingertips.  I love accessories and The Ultimate Travel Dress let me have fun with them instead of using packing space for extra clothes.  I just needed my bathing suit, my sandals, my heels, a hat, a scarf, a necklace and few Sashka bracelets.

Finding the sustainable brand Kameleon Rose led to finding women making glass beaded bracelets in Nepal through Sashka Co. as I have learned to dig deeper into the brands I spend with.

It started with my first trade in kindergarten when I gave a boy I liked four pennies to buy a carton of milk and my hairpin for his heart.  The pennies went farther than the hairpin I am sad to say, but our friendship lasted a lifetime.  A fair trade after all.


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