Charleston Bound

Charleston BoundIMG_1480

It was a while ago when the audiobook arrived after a fun author twitter chat in which I won the book. I planned to listen to it on the way from Myrtle Beach to Sanibel and ended up listening to my teenagers choice of music instead.

The gift awaited patiently another month for my return to the road and I grabbed it not sure my driver would approve. I had offered to pack his CD’s and earlier today to grab something to listen to at the thrift store we popped into.

It sat in my Kate purse as we left Sanibel to hit the road to Charleston. When it began In the Shadow of Lakecrest by Elizabeth Blackwell it was immediately captivating.

We pulled into Charleston behind in our schedule about an hour and we were on chapter twelve or so on pins and needles with Lakecrest taking hold of Kate. I was trying to plan our late evening stay as we drove the last stretch with my driver losing patience with my choice of hotels as one by one they were booked.

Moments later as we sat on the deck of our swanky downtown hotel the air was thick as a summer night in July, yet it was still April. The deck went the length of two rooms and reminded me of Lakecrest with its sprawling deck wicker furniture and even drapes, deck drapes, fancy.

We just got back from walking downtown to sample bourbon. We arrived just in time for last call after walking there and as the band was packing up. Yes, getting there sooner would have been cool. To me however, that part did not matter we made it here as planned. I could not ask for anything more. A Charleston night.

The last time I was here was with my mom and weeks later my stroke would happen. It has been two years and here I write on the deck of The King Charles Hotel with Kate at Lakecrest locked in her room by her mother in law.

It makes getting in the car for another long day of driving worth it to see what happens next. Will she remodel Lakecrest? Will her and Matt ever get to Africa? What happened to Blanche and Billly?

Well written Elizabeth Blackwell, well written. It has made our journey exciting and our night in Charleston complete.


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