Tea on the Porch


Tea on the Porch

The ocean is my horizon as I look to my right just slightly being able to see the beach umbrellas royal blue tops one by one like the top of cupcake frosting swirls. The pool is closer in my line of sight dotted by pool chairs.

Window pane style garage doors waiting to be open as the sun continues to rise over the ocean. The Porch Southern Kitchen and Bar is where the Blogaversary Tour 2017 finds itself today in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Conversations have grown as a large group of firefighters are here. I know I am in good hands while giggling to myself. Years ago at a girls day a lady came to read our palms. She had us keep notes and the word “firefighter” was at the top. It came second to “You hate your marriage.” This was after holding my ring, was it that obvious. I really loved my marriage, the idea of it, just not us in those moments when you know it’s over and you are thinking how will you find the strength to go.

My ex came across my reading notes and I’m sure he thought I was having an affair with a firefighter. It is moments like this being surrounded by them that I am filled with pure joy as this is right where I am suppose to be on my path.

Ah the first pane behind the bar is open as I glance up to see the palm trees just past the open window and the firefighters. Georgetown City Fire Dept one shirt says. When you travel with your snowbird and your assistant, aka teenager, through the back roads it can be fearful at times.

It is these signs that keep appearing or I notice them, either way I am grateful for this moment. The blog reaching the one year mark and being able to celebrate it with all of our new readers, loyal followers, friends and family. This idea of being out there with my writing is only possible with your support.

The song at the end of the movie Moneyball is one of my favorites. The scene with the dad driving away.  He listens to his daughter’s song after all that happened and the choice he made to stay in Oakland with his daughter and not take the Boston offer. When it came on as I sipped my morning signature unsweetened ice tea with lemon tears came over me. I have never heard it on the radio before now, thanks for the sign dad.

The choices are ours and ours alone, yet they take those we love the most with them. Our son will be choosing a college and our hearts will go with him, but the choice is his. We walked the grounds of UNC the day before and we both felt the same feeling as excited as we are for him to go we are grateful he has two more years at home.

The Blogaversary Tour 2017 with Nan and my son road tripping is in full swing.  We are meeting great people, hearing their stores and making memories of a lifetime. My hope for you is to get your stories on paper for those you love and enjoy the choices you have made while processing them.  Grab your tea and hit the road!

Godspeed to you and your family.

Thank you for a great year.



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