Compellingly Asking, Why Not?

img_0198My brother Brian with me, Chris as he calls me, in front of our childhood Catholic Church.

If you asked me if I would marry again I would say yes. If you said it would be officiated by one half of the morning radio duo I adore at Yaddo Garden in Saratoga, that’s a different story.

I say somewhat due to the fact I routinely answer the security question, “where did you meet your spouse?”, with “Saratoga Springs”. Each time I type it I think “will that be true?”, and yet a confidence has always been there that it is.

Wedding planning has taken hold in full force in “Christineism” fashion. The Yaddo garden has been confirmed as the ceremony location and we have almost locked down the reception location at a local winery.

And it is with great pleasure I announce that one half of my favorite morning radio team has agreed to officiate our ceremony. It happened organically and randomly, just like my thoughts.

I tuned in the other morning as I always do. They were discussing why a celebrity was in town. A kid at college? Rehab?, or maybe a stay at the artist retreat at Yaddo. “It’s beautiful there,” Chrissy said. Brian went on to say how exclusive the retreat part is and how he and Chrissy tried to get in.

The thought comes over me, after a half hour of listening and being out of cell range, that I should chime in via Twitter. I meant to just send pics of Yaddo and crack up with them that it is the place we chose for our wedding ceremony. It is a special place. I had no idea I would decide that was our spot when I went there on a whim this fall. It moved me.

So the more they joked about not being able to get in. I thought, “well, I can get them in, to the grounds at least”, and I sent a note with another pic asking Brian if he wanted to perform our wedding.

That is Christine 101. Why wouldn’t I ask my morning radio guy who I’ve listened to for almost two decades to mc our wedding ceremony? It makes complete sense. We’ve been through love and loss, and have kept the laughter rolling.

As we listened this morning to highlights from the week, I shared with my son the whole story about how it came to be that Brian will be at the wedding. Can you believe it? “, I said. He smiled and said, “Yah, it’s cool.”

When a friend asked how I made it happen. I said simply, “I asked.”

What is the question you need to ask?

Find the right person.


Build a rapport, promote them.

Ask when the time feels right. When it benefits both of you.

Thank you Ronald McDonald House, Brian and Chrissy from Fly 92.3. for all you do to keep our communities inspired while going Over, Under and Through our daily lives.

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