Sensing an Unplugged Morning


Sensing an unplugged morning under the moon

When the morning plan includes going to breakfast,  followed by a spa appointment and a hike finishing with time at a campfire before hitting the road, it’s going to be a great day.  When it happens to be waking up at LaTourelle Resort and Spa,  even better.

The overnight travel my fiancé and I had planned involved seeing a show and wanting a relaxing place to stay outside of town.  We were busy once we arrived enjoying the grounds playing chess and taking a hike.  We had a fireplace in our room, with a library and balcony to enjoy while we got ready for the show.  We enjoyed the delicious chocolate chips set out for guest as they arrive.  Again,  pleasantly surprised by the details.

I was excited for morning to come, looking forward to the whirlpool bath before heading to the Bistro for breakfast.  As we headed back to the lobby and into the Bistro, our table was set for two against the wall.    We settled in. My iced tea arrived.  We gave the lovely waitress our order, which gave me time to take pictures.  As I looked up, there it was, a stained glass style canopy style ceiling, arched over the breakfast nook area.

Thoughtful details continued to surprise me as they appeared in just the right places.  The food arrived. The oatmeal encrusted french toast is incredible, each bite being better than the last.  I would drive three hours just to have breakfast there again.  I thought this was just breakfast, but it proved to be an experience.

We took a walk outside on our way to the spa and got closer to the yellow barn we could see from our balcony.  It was creatively painted with bold colored pretty flowers of purple and blue to contrast the yellow.  There is a garden along the backside of the converted to all suites barn where they grow ingredients for their restaurants.

One overnight was not enough for all LaTourelle Resort and Spa has to offer.  We are excited to return for our honeymoon next fall to enjoy the dining experience at the restaurant.

The August Moon Spa was my next stop.  As you head down the stairs, a beautifully appointed spa is there to greet you. Tranquil and friendly, it is luxury relaxation with two rooms.  One room with fire,  and one with water.

Prepare to unplug and fully delight all of your senses from your room, your tent, your table, your hike, or August Moon Spa experience.   A delightful day is wrapped up with a warm fireside evening outside or by a cozy fire in your room.  Take the time to explore all this unique getaway has waiting for you for just one night or for your special occasions.  LaTourelle Resort and Spa delivers.

See you very soon by the fire for a S’more



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