Sensing an Unplugged Morning


Sensing an unplugged morning under the moon

When the morning plan includes going to breakfast,  followed by a spa appointment and a hike finishing with time at a campfire before hitting the road, it’s going to be a great day.  When it happens to be waking up at LaTourelle Resort and Spa,  even better.

The overnight travel my fiancé and I had planned involved seeing a show and wanting a relaxing place to stay outside of town.  We were busy once we arrived enjoying the grounds playing chess and taking a hike.  We had a fireplace in our room, with a library and balcony to enjoy while we got ready for the show.  We enjoyed the delicious chocolate chips set out for guest as they arrive.  Again,  pleasantly surprised by the details.

I was excited for morning to come, looking forward to the whirlpool bath before heading to the Bistro for breakfast.  As we headed back to the lobby and into the Bistro, our table was set for two against the wall.    We settled in. My iced tea arrived.  We gave the lovely waitress our order, which gave me time to take pictures.  As I looked up, there it was, a stained glass style canopy style ceiling, arched over the breakfast nook area.

Thoughtful details continued to surprise me as they appeared in just the right places.  The food arrived. The oatmeal encrusted french toast is incredible, each bite being better than the last.  I would drive three hours just to have breakfast there again.  I thought this was just breakfast, but it proved to be an experience.

We took a walk outside on our way to the spa and got closer to the yellow barn we could see from our balcony.  It was creatively painted with bold colored pretty flowers of purple and blue to contrast the yellow.  There is a garden along the backside of the converted to all suites barn where they grow ingredients for their restaurants.

One overnight was not enough for all LaTourelle Resort and Spa has to offer.  We are excited to return for our honeymoon next fall to enjoy the dining experience at the restaurant.

The August Moon Spa was my next stop.  As you head down the stairs, a beautifully appointed spa is there to greet you. Tranquil and friendly, it is luxury relaxation with two rooms.  One room with fire,  and one with water.

Prepare to unplug and fully delight all of your senses from your room, your tent, your table, your hike, or August Moon Spa experience.   A delightful day is wrapped up with a warm fireside evening outside or by a cozy fire in your room.  Take the time to explore all this unique getaway has waiting for you for just one night or for your special occasions.  LaTourelle Resort and Spa delivers.

See you very soon by the fire for a S’more



Falling for LaTourelle

Fall swept us off our feet with increasingly dark morning commutes, followed by busy days and longer nights.  The upside, when you catch it, is the seductive sunsets on warmer than usual fall nights.

We had tickets to see alt-country artist Sturgill Simpson.  I found a hotel,  LaTourelle, online.  It was unknown to us as was the State Theatre where we were going to see the show. It felt like the right choice and I promptly made the reservation.  Summer has ended and school has begun. The days have become a blur. We were excited to head west to see the show.

Two days before the show, we took another look at our destination.  I learned it was family owned and seeing all it had to offer confirmed that we made the perfect choice.  We wanted a place to relax after a drive and unwind before our show.

The day arrived. Time to pack and hit the road. We were ready.  The foliage was in full peak but was not to be cast aside by the the light rain that started as we drove.  Nothing would hold them back as they gleamed through the gray clouds as we neared Ithaca through rolling farm country.  Spectacular views charmed us all the way.

Pulling in it was unassuming and quiet.  The tasteful signage and understated grounds as you approach the main hotel entrance are inviting. You park in the circular drive and begin to notice delicate details.

After entering under the arch, you arrive in the lobby.  You feel a part of the theatre experience already as you look up and see all around the  State Theatre performance framed signed posters.   You feel a part of the scene as you search them all to find your particular favorites. It is in this  moment, my musically inclined fiancé fully appreciated our lodging choice.  As he scanned the room for musicians.  I found my favorite. Although not a musician, writer and humorist Mr. David Sedaris photo adorned the wall. He had just appeared that week.

We were there celebrating many things and planning our wedding for next fall. Our planning  was not really meant for this particular trip.  But we then fell in love again as we sat on our deck overlooking an outdoor chessboard, queens and knights included.  Castle elements were prominent among a beautifully painted yellow barn on one side and a camp with upscale tents on the other. “Where are we?,” I asked myself.

We were compelled to take a hike after settling in.  We headed out through the hotel back door and took a short walk to the Firelight Camps area of the property.  An oasis appeared among the trees with these cool, chic tented camps on large deck like platforms. Every grown ups inner child dream realized.

When we saw the tree house style tents we knew this was our honeymoon spot.  The way they hug the trails to Buttermilk Falls State Park is so peaceful.  This was only our arrival and the experience just kept delivering.  A spa, the dining, the wine tasting, and s’mores by the fire with cozy blankets.

Check it out for yourself to fall in love in any season, for any reason, it’s not that far and offers the complete Ithaca experience.  Take the time to unplug, unwind and enjoy all LaTourelle has to offer. Your stay will be unforgettable.

We are counting the days to our return as Mr. and Mrs. Over, Under and Through.

Thank you LaTourelle and the Wiggins family for creating such a find and reminding us all to take time to live simple and well.  It was a pleasure.





Going Through it

Going Through it

When you are going through something, it becomes your present planned or not.  I have often thought and said that my idea of getting hit with a left hook is the universes way of telling you to stop and work on what is right in front of you to handle it, right then and right now.  There is no time for conversation or excuses.  You typically are alone in those trying moments.  It is when you reach down in your core to find the strength or the will to keep going through it.

The people that you first text, that first call when you can or are able to, or the call that comes from someone else when they find out (if you are the receiver you know that the shit has hit the fan if it is someone else making the call), someone is “going through it.”  You hold your breath to hear who and what waiting for more of how and when.

The more I write the more you know my over, my under and my throughs .  I have been fortunate on so many levels and it is those going through moments that have defined what matters to me the most.  I also know like many people that the alone times are when it takes the most to find a reason and a will to push through.

On the anniversary of my heart left hook; I drove my son to a team breakfast on this glorious fall morning along the lake.  The Adirondack Mountains have come alive with color and the lake is glass.  I am not waking up in a hospital with a new pacemaker.  We all went through that as a team last fall.  I am able to drive our son to his team and be at his game, not missing it like last year.

The heart ordeal led to the brain bleed, from blood thinners, winter.  The anniversary of that horrific time is a month away.  My team knows all too well, that includes you, thank you for being a part of it, that all of this can change at any moment for any of us.

You also know that after imagegoing through my team went over it with my son and I going to see my nephew in Europe this summer.  I have a magic eight ball and that will be my book signing give away in the future.  I have relied on it and pulled it out of the garbage from time to time, as its triangle reader is a little banged up, and the blue liquid fogs if you shake it.  I have learned to turn this old one from side to side while asking it a question and then it provides a clear answer.

I think that says it all when you are going through your own it, remember to slow down, turn to your team that is on your side and the answers will be clear.  You will get through it and while doing so plan, dream and pull from your soul what that over moment is going to be.

I died for four minutes last fall and today drove my son to breakfast after taking him alone, by myself to France and Switzerland, but not without the support of our team.  Thank you all from the bottom of my upgraded Tony Stark heart.

Happy Anniversary