Let Freedom Ring


Let Freedom Ring

I have had an IUD in for almost two years and hated it from day one. Yes, it did its job and I appreciate that. I also have had the side effects too boring to recount bringing me to this exciting IUD removal day.

The decision had been made almost from the day I had it put in and like everything else there was never a good time. Being back from the castle and in travel season postpartum seemed appropriate and it was scheduled for this afternoon.

The thought of not having a foreign object in my body other than my pacemaker is my first level of happiness and second is getting back in shape. I am only an armchair medic and my opinion is it seems unnatural not for things to flow. I remember the clamp feeling after it went in and have not felt right since.

When I arrived to the new doctors office for the removal I was smiling from ear to ear and shared my excitement with the check in ladies up front. As I waited to be called in I watched the replay of Michael Phelps going for gold and it reassured me my decision was right.

My name was called and as the nurse brought me in to weigh me, ugh. It’s ok this is the last bad weigh in. She led me into my removal room and beyond the stirrups was a painting. It was a queen appointing a knight. I laughed and told the nurse I just got back from a castle and how funny my fiancé would find this.

When the doctor came in he asked, “What will you be using for birth control?” I said, “I think that sword says it all, snip, snip.” He went on to discuss those grown up issues as I was still laughing about the sword.

Headed to check out and the woman there enjoyed the sword story as we laughed. She is also getting married. She goes on to explain they are doing it on a cruise in two years leaving out of Texas headed to Jamaica. We discuss should she get married there before getting on the boat or after she gets back. I suggest after, when you travel there is a let down once it is over and people that could not be there would want to celebrate with them. She agreed and she booked my appointment a year from now to check in with each other on wedding plans.

I walked down the long hallway towards the door passing my nurse thanking her as we both chuckled, still about the sword comment. They were gearing up for an ice cream social later in the day which had everyone in a fun mood. Maybe I’ll be a topic of discussion, well I hope anyways.

It feels great to have my womanhood back and let nature flow as intended. A motivational CD my fiancé was playing in his car yesterday reminded me to live the life you want with actions not waiting for dreams to arrive. You create the life you want to live. My knight in his khakis, as opposed to chain metal, called me princess for some dreams I have as we listened. I refuted his comments with, “See I already do these things, that is how I got to a castle again.”

It worked for Michael Phelps when his swim cap broke he took action to stay focused on his dream and I will continue to do the same no mater the obstacles. it is ok to want more and dream big if you are willing to put the effort in to make it happen. Congratulations to all our athletes in the Olympics or in our own lives for the daily struggles we all face while heading towards our goals for ourselves and those we love.

Let freedom ring of your dreams today and everyday while working your own plan of action. It does not have to be a castle or ripping foreign objects out of your body, but you get the picture.


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