Postcards on the Fridge



Postcards on the fridge

When our travel is behind us it becomes post cards and fridge magnets. It use to be a gentle reminder each time we go by it that we have traveled. I usually am filled with joyous memories, however now with social media it is harder. People are still at those very same places we just were or new ones and the minute I see a post my mind starts planning the next adventure.

Yes. that is a good thing, I guess depending on how you look at it. My view today is day three of my son’s broken wrist and weeks ahead of him to come. Football that gave him a concussion last year now has broken a bone. The human we created has been damaged. It is ok when it happens to us as parents, but so much harder to watch our kids go through it. I think that is the reason. We know this body of theirs has a long road. God willing, ahead of them. It needs to be taken care of.

That is my struggle this Sunday morning. How do you encourage the high school dream and chapters to be written when all you want to do is cover him with bubble wrap. It was my walk to the fridge after seeing post about Geneva and Paris on social media this morning that made me smile. I looked up and saw the new postcards from our recent trip placed among years of adventures. It is going to be ok.

You can only plan and pray not control outcomes. We have been blessed and for that I am grateful. The first magnet placed was the square yellow “Dream Big” the day a decade ago this house became our new chapter. When I look at all that has filled it up I am reassured it will all be ok. We’ve been over, we’ve been under and we will get through it together.

Time to make the injured waffles and gear up for CBS Sunday Morning. Thanks for reading and sharing our journey while making your own. Happy Sunday!


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