Wedding Bells


Wedding Bells

Back from our big trip, closing out travel season as summer still rages on.  I have noticed this summer more. Last summer I was recovering from the stroke and preparing for my classes.  I would now be starting to plan for my classes. Sadly. that is not happening this summer.  It was my belabored decision based on my health and a hard reality to face.

My plate is full and that is ok.  Two households and two kids with a busy fiancé who is engaged to a recovering writer.  That is what my official title has become as I continue to learn social media cliff diving.  It is annoying to him and I get it.  I was never that way and now I am one of those people taking pictures and tied to their phone.

My argument to him is that I am working on building a following to land a book deal.  I have self-published and published academically.  That is not enough in today’s market.  I am enjoying learning the ropes and connecting with authors who are working their marketing magic.  The upside of social media is that you have a window into their writing and marketing world.

My love for observing and passion for lead generation suits me in this endeavor.  Persistence is my middle name, well really it is Marie as any Italian Catholic Girl.  For me, I have connected with writers who have book deals.  I grew up as many children do with no examples of creative, working people. Now beyond television, there is a way to explore other career options.

I worked on a college campus in Career Services and observed folks going back to school or being the first one in their family to do so.  It encouraged me to go back and get my masters degree.  I became a college instructor while I was a career counselor.  We talked as faculty about writing books.  Many of us were writing or had written.

The social media I feared and shied away from has now become that writer’s campus I missed.  Facebook has become my water cooler.  Twitter is my email inbox and Instagram my bulletin board.  My fiancé is my “work husband” and my emotional affair with social media is my “side guy.”  The grass is not greener, but it is an endless horizon that is leading me closer to my publishing deal.

Today, we parked in front of the vintage storefront I love. He went across the street for a meeting and I took pictures of beautiful dresses in the window.  I decided I had time to go in.  I, of course, wanted a dress. They only had xxsmalls.  The owner said, “women were smaller then.”  She looked at me and said,  “I have something for you.”  She led me to the jewelry.  I already have something borrowed and something blue from my Irish Grandmother GiGi.

The shopkeeper thought more about it and showed me a beautiful pink long chiffon nightgown.  I said, “That would have been perfect for the castle.”  “A castle?” she replied.  “Yes,” I said, “I just got back from France.”  She thought more, “Ok, I’ve got it.”  We ended up with a  1940’s wedding cake topper, a dark haired groom in a tux with his bride in a white dress, winner, winner.  I hear wedding bells.


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