Unforgettable Airport Wings


At the airport, through security and relaxing at an upscale restaurant by the gate. My  son’s excitement is in his eyes and relaxed demeanor which makes me smile from the inside out. We both feel this elated sense of anticipation and accomplishment all in one. The minute we are sitting on the plane will be a miracle in itself. We are together on our own European adventure and just months ago we were separated almost for ever. He knows I will always be there in some way and that is what makes it ok whatever happens as life continues. Right now though we are sitting at JFK eating our last American meal of burgers and wings with ice in our drinks before taking flight to Geneva. A trip of a lifetime, thank you Nan and my fiancé for your support everyday of my big ideas.

The idea that we are headed to Switzerland and France in the Rhone Alps days after my European essay was released as part of Unforgettable Stoires Told By You is beyond anything I ever imagined. Ok, of course I have imagined just about everything for my life over and over again as my mind works that way. When asked in kindergarten what I wanted to be when I grow up I stated, “Everything.” I think that about sums it up and why would you not want to be as many things as possible.

I think that is why helping students find their path is so exciting to me. They have not yet decided and I want to catch them before they lose that spark that they have all open doors. My goal is to help people see that, remember that or find it if it never was necessary or presented to them before.

That is what I see in my son’s eyes and demeanor a soaking in of all that is in front of him. The planes, the people, all walks of life people, things new and familiar knowing more is to come. The Alps, baby!

The beeping of luggage carts on the tarmac with drivers and luggage loaders with personality, dancing and enjoying the work day as others go about it more robotically. I am glad he is taking it all in as we have four hours to go before our flight. We do not mind.

Natalie Cole is singing with her father and it just came on as we sit here. Tears in my eyes as I try in to explain to my son her album singing with her father. I am holding back tears as Unforgettable plays really unable to form words, that really is what this trip is. It is what my life has been and the fact God gave me a son to share it with is unforgettable too.


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