Becoming a Princess



This morning included many things, one of which was putting on a dress for a charity event tonight.  I chose a pink flower long summer dress and headed out the door.

My hair freshly dyed blonde, brass reducer used the following day to cut down on the orange and red my hair pulls from my full Irish grandmother.  My fair skin and some freckles are from her as well.

Next stop was a local deli to grab lunch and while waiting in line which has very strict rules of no cell phone use.  I noticed a little girl twirling by her mother’s side.  She had a cute yellow top with stars, hearts and blue cute summer shoes adorned  on the heal with ribbon fringe.  She was about three and curious as she looked around.

She caught my dress and looked up to stare, “You’re a girl” and I said, “Yes.” She then twirled and pointed “She’s wearing a dress…a pink one with pretty flowers.”  I said, “Thank you.”  She went on as she twirled around “I have no dress.”  I replied, “But you have a pretty shirt with yellow flowers, stars and hearts.”  “But, I have no dress,” she said as she twisted.  She looked up at her mother and said, “she’s a princess.”

I smiled from ear to ear and happily replied, “well, that’s the look I was going for.”  The men in line standing quietly, following the rules, enjoying the banter were like knights in a queens court.

The man next to me as we approached the deli counter to order, who had held the door for the princess on my way in with a smile, looked at me and said, “she’s a talker.”

I thought to myself, “You have no idea sir, that is one smart princess in the making. I am off to my Chateau in France in a matter of days after leaving my castle in Holland twenty six years ago.  So stand aside while I order my five dollar sub of the week, get into my Honda CRV, circa 07 and ride off into the sun to bring my prince his lunch.  For your information, this princess is a talker too!”




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