To Smile or not to Smile

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To  Smile or not to Smile

Nan, my mother, as we call her and you have come to learn is currently obsessed with one fact.  I believe that my son and I were told not to smile in our passport photos.  She thinks we look terrible and is sure that is not a requirement.  She will not let it go and it has been over a month since her campaign began.

She is gathering a following of those who agree with her, my aunt included who just renewed her passport, who also was not aware of this fact that I have portrayed.  It is a non issue to me as we did as we were told.  We now have our valid passports, so Nan although you may have followers it is done.

She will fight to the death that smiling in our photos was an option.  It takes me back to her fighting with a priest over the covering up of my first communion dress that she flew me to NYC to purchase so no one would have the same dress.  It went down in the Catholic Church in our village and she lost, but not without a fight.

It was a beautiful dress and was seen after the communion.  It is my mother born in Brooklyn who grew up in Long Island, now living in the country the last forty plus years displaying her city ways that shine through from time to time.  It was my Long Island Aunt who took her side on the passport photo debate after all.

So as the Switzerland trip fast approaches we chose to hit the road today to Vermont to visit our friends Ben and Jerry.  We are kid free for the day and ready to take advantage of our window of opportunity.  We felt like a drive with a destination in mind.

We packed up water, phone chargers and my new iPod Mini, drove through to get coffee and my signature large unsweetened iced tea with three lemons and headed out.  As we drive up the Northway through the Adirondacks on a beautiful blue sky and green trees of assorted colors day my fiancé looks at me and finally notices my new device.

“Oh here we go, you’re so fancy,” he says with a smirk.  I come back with, “You think I am fancy?”  He says, “Yes” and I say, “Well not all the time, maybe 60/40.”  He said, “I am not saying there is anything wrong with it.”

That’s why I love him.  He thinks I am fancy and he makes me smile which is all Nan really wants for me.  Maybe I will look for a wedding dress in France that will for sure raise my fancy percentage and certainly make me smile, thanks Nan for the reminder.


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