Low Battery


When our phones say “Low Battery” and provide the percentage they have left we work to charge them back up to be used more.  We all have heard and used ourselves “Happy Friday” and yet for many of us, it is not the case as we are “Low Battery” by the end of a long week after doing all that is required. We self-inflict many tasks until our own low battery signs appear, pushing onward to shut down.

Our chargers take on many forms and one of them for me is places as you have come to learn.  Thank you for reading and asking for new work as my battery is low and I wondered where the energy would come from.  The desire and ideas are there looking for the charge. It came today.

One request came earlier in the week, as I drove through the drop-off/pick-up line at my son’s high school.  A mom needing a ride later that day for her son, who I adore said to me, “I haven’t seen any new ones, what’s going on?”  A very sweet request from a mom who is also, end of the school year exhausted, as football season commences.  I drove away with the new task added to my plate. It was a thrill that she asked about my writing and yet days passed with no new post.

I dropped him off today and looked down to see a text from a dear old friend who taught me how to drive stick shift in high school, “I’m having reading withdrawls!! LOL…you on a break?”  It really made me chuckle and giggle to myself.  I have an audience and they are sweet to care about my writing and my recovery.

They worry about me and yet they ask me to write which inspires me to put it out there.  I always tell you I look for signs and today it was about finding a place to charge.  I really was dragging this week as I started to work out along with physical therapy.  It kicked me hard.  I went full throttle for three days, down for one and up to finish the week strong.

I only missed one workout day this week and went to physical and today speech therapy. Both of my  therapist were worried about me and saw my “Low Battery” signals.  I felt them, really felt them and yet we are going to Switzerland and France what am I thinking was my mantra of the morning.  They talked about my blood pressure and brain fatigue, but my mind was thinking, “I can’t believe I have planned this, what have I done.”  I have been on a flat out run and only looking at the finish of being at Chateau de Divonne with my son with our feet planted in France, “Will we make it there?”

My mind is racing with unsure thoughts, as I look at my phone and see a direct message from Sophie with Chateau de Divonne internet marketing, lovely Sophie.  She has no idea, until now, what that message meant to me.  It was labeled as a “Direct Message” and that is exactly the charge I needed to move forward.  She is looking forward to working with me on promoting this historic gem of a hotel and I am grateful for her guidance.

The next stop today was an old farmhouse that I am crazy in love with.  It is a writers paradise and my fiance and I have spent many hours visiting it lately.  I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.   It is a Monet painting to me.  The flowers were in bloom today and just walking the grounds filled my soul back up.  The history of this place so very deep and humble while strong and grounded.

It is exactly what I needed and my soulmate realized it.  He indulged my obsession with this new place, walking the grounds with me, standing by the Locust trees as they circle an out building.  This particular place is on low battery as well to those who look at what needs to be fixed to bring it back to today’s standards including running water. However, the energy it gives off is far greater just the way it is.  It just needs someone to appreciate the bones it still has and breathe life into it.  It is also, just like my therapist stated it needs water to increase its energy. I drink more tea than water and per the farmer next store the only water this place has is the two buckets per day he is required by an old deed to bring to this house.  I was ok with that as most mothers know washing your hair is the first thing to go.

The last stop was finding out our old sushi place was open again, by taking a drive we did not expect we landed in the right place.  Happy Friday after all.


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