Places to Write

Thinking about where I write is as important to me as why.  I have not made it through one of Lyn’s books without having to stop after a few pages as an idea comes together.  I do consider her a muse and her notes speak to me as they did this afternoon.

My mind has been drawn to places I love to write. It is a chilly and cloudy day on the lake.  Today starts a vacation week for my son and we usually travel.  This year we stayed home on the lake which to us is heaven.

I looked at our Sanibel pictures and thought about posting them.  I decided not to.  I contemplated for a while what book to pick up.  I scanned my office from my chair with my feet up looking out at the lake.

Writing from the Center by Scott Russell Sanders was Lyn’s choice for today.  I’ve been through it several times and did not have a plan.  I thought, “I’ll let Lyn guide me.”   She did.

The book talks about the lore of the land you are on and how connecting with it is what matters to all of us and I embrace that line of thinking.  It was why we live in the mountains, on a lake in the country away from a village or town.  I always wanted my son to connect with the land and he has.  We have spent many hours skipping rocks and fishing on this very spot.

We drive by the road where my father grew up and I always point it out, along with anything else I come up with.  It is important to me that when I am not here that these places mean something to him and that he carries on our stories to his children.

We have a half an hour ride to school on a quiet two lane road.  Our rides along the lake provide time to talk, usually me at him.  He chimes in or takes the lead on occasion.  My favorite one was as we approached the house one day.  He said, “If I had all the money in the world, I’d buy the lot next store and build my dream house there.”  I could not believe what he said.  He loves this particular place as much as I do.  We have traveled and this is the place he would choose.  As Romona said in Hope Floats, “My cup runneth over.”


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