Graduation Day

I dug this selection of Lyn’s out of my car and for those who know me realize that is no easy task.  I am not proud of it, but let’s just say I could survive a while.  The fact that I live in the woods this is a possibility.  It started from being an on the road sales rep and sad to say has not changed.  It is helpful on occasion and this was one.

It occurred to me that two of the books, at least, are buried in my hatchback.  I vowed to rescue them as this mission has taken a life of its own once again.  There they were two of her books, a little banged up and in need of daylight.

Today’s choice a book on college writing, which although I need to read it from cover to cover I was curious how it applied and BAM!  An email came to my phone with a notice of our flight to Baltimore next month.  It is for my nephew’s college graduation from Johns Hopkins University, hence the Hope photos on my blog.  The Hope photo was taken on a parents weekend visit his freshman year and here we are preparing for his college graduation.

He is in Italy finishing up a year there.  I would have liked to spent time with him there, but dying got in the way.  He understood, “It’s ok, Aunt Christine, when you feel better” which at the time I could not talk or walk due to a brain bleed from blood thinner medicine.  I was pretty much nursing home bound unable to communicate to those right in front of me, yet he believed I could get to Italy.

Isn’t that something, his idea of me was I am that resilient and that helped me to be that Aunt Christine of his who always finds a way to be there for him.  I remember seeing the text and thinking, “How do I get out of here and get to Italy?  First, I would need to renew my passport, second learn to speak and walk- ok, I have a plan.”  It really seemed simple to me in my head connected to wires to monitor my brain or maybe it came after I pulled them out one by one when no one was looking.

So when my nephew graduated from high school I gave him the college success book his mother gave to me upon my high school graduation (she was already dating my brother).  I am the hording Aunt Christine who keeps these things.  I loved having all of our family write underneath what she had written to me two decades ago.

It’s funny I never made the connection until this moment, Lyn has paid it forward writing to me on those inside covers and margins, guiding me to write to you.  The tradition carries on and inspiration comes from unexpected places when you need it the most.  Lyn is here guiding me  today as those text messages were when no one could understand me.  I was in there unable to express it, but my nephew was not there to see what others were seeing with their eyes.  He was speaking to his Aunt Christine from his heart.

The cool part is my blog has readers in Italy, thanks to my nephew.  I made it there after all, no passport needed, just a good book.



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