Sunday’s Book

It is her highlighting work that cracks me up as it is exactly what I am thinking about as I make the choice to go public with my work.  Her research would have not been noticed and, although I doubt that mattered to her, it is a pleasure to have her guidance.  She is this soft push I need each time the questions take over, yet the passion for this project has never left me as each time I pick it up she is there with encouragement.
It is amazing to me that she can be on point as I am drawn to a certain book on a certain day to a certain paragraph she has already wrote a note in the margin or highlighted.  I save all of her post it’s and add my own in a different color to always know what was hers and what are my notes.  It makes me smile from ear to ear as our work comes to life.  She did not get or I do not even know if she wanted it, well of course I assume she did from her book choice or the classes she chose to take.  Remember she was a newlywed and a student in her seventies.  I love that.
I am an adjunct instructor and always express that to my students that learning is a process and a gift not a chore.  It is a gift to think about your future and a gift to be given one.  It is what you choose to do with it that shapes your life and your heart.



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